Banco Popular redesigns ‘Progreso Económico’ report

The redesigned 'Progreso Económico' report.

Banco Popular has teamed up with the Puerto Rico Statistics Institute to launch a redesigned version of its “Progreso Económico” report, to make it more visual and take it one step beyond the traditional economic index, bank officials said Wednesday.

“The new design uses more visuals to communicate the latest economic developments in Puerto Rico and ease their interpretation,” said Eduardo Negrón, executive vice president of Popular Inc.’s management group. “We are very pleased with the result and our partnership with the Statistics Institute to provide economic analysis and background information for the business sector and the general public.”

The report, which is emailed in PDF form, takes the information a step beyond the traditional index as it includes data that appeals to a diverse target audience, Popular said.

Banco Popular has been publishing its “Progreso Económico” report for more than 35 years as a public service for business people in Puerto Rico and beyond.

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