Banco Popular to launch 3 tech projects in ‘16

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Banco Popular will be rolling out a trio of tech services this year.

Banco Popular will be rolling out a trio of tech services this year.

Banco Popular’s technology team announced Thursday three key projects to be unveiled this year: “mobile wallets,” “cardless cash access,” and the integration of its “ATH Móvil” and “Mi Banca Móvil” applications.

“Mobile wallets” will allow Banco Popular’s credit card customers with Android smartphones to pay in shops by tapping their phone on payment terminals equipped with “Near Field Communication” technology. The project is its final testing stages and will be available for customers “soon,” said Camille Burckhart, Popular’s chief of information technology and digital strategy.

Through the “cardless cash” service, customers will be able to connect to “Mi Banco Móvil” and indicate they wish to withdraw cash. Upon arriving to the Automated Teller Machine, the client will be able to take their money without having to insert their ATM card.

Finally, Popular will integrate two of its mobile apps to allow customers to access its “ATH Móvil” service through its “Mi Banco Móvil” platform.

“We have 600,000 customers on ‘Mi Banco’ and 67% of them already do their banking through our mobile application, so we thought it would be ideal to integrate the people-to-people payment service to ‘Mi Banco Móvil’,” Burckhart said.

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