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Op-Ed: IEEFA P.R. — Proposed offshore gas-import project makes less and less sense
May 3, 2018, No Comments

In shelving its review of the economic viability of a proposed natural gas import complex off the south coast of the isl ...

Op-Ed: Tech is ‘key factor’ to secure success of SME’s
April 16, 2018, No Comments

Every business, regardless of the size, industry or business sector, faces different challenges and obstacles during its ...

Op-Ed: Retirement planning using IRAs and its tax benefits
April 13, 2018, No Comments

Even though our island is facing a severe economic recession that has lasted more than 10 years, and priorities could ha ...

Op-Ed: America’s sordid legacy on race and disaster recovery
April 12, 2018, 1 Comment

Six months have passed since Hurricane María struck Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The Category 4 storm destr ...

Op-Ed: Be prepared ahead of time for the new hurricane season
April 9, 2018, No Comments

The new hurricane season is just around the corner. As many communities begin to recover after Hurricane María hit last ...

Op-Ed: Sports marketing represents golden opportunities for businesses
April 2, 2018, No Comments

Thinking about sponsorship proposals after Hurricane María could be considered a crazy idea. However, we are all in the ...

Op-Ed: “Calculadora de Retiro” the retirement readiness self-examination
March 28, 2018, No Comments

One of the biggest fears faced by millions of consumers today is running out of money during retirement.

Op-Ed: PREPA board chair explains new CEO’s compensation
March 23, 2018, No Comments

There have been questions about the compensation of Walt Higgins.

Op-Ed: Debt forgiveness and tax considerations
March 6, 2018, No Comments

In upcoming years, the term “debt forgiveness” will become a common phrase among individuals, proprietorships, and b ...

Op-Ed: The danger of the deregulation of professions
February 27, 2018, No Comments

The recent Fiscal Plan presented by the government of Puerto Rico proposes the deregulation of professions with the sup ...