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Op-Ed: FDA says ‘shortage of IV fluids will improve in coming weeks, months’
January 17, 2018, No Comments

Earlier this month, we updated on the Food and Drug Administration’s efforts to mitigate ongoing IV saline shortages t ...

Op-Ed: FDA chief, ‘shortage of IV fluids will improve in early ’18’
January 5, 2018, No Comments

As we enter the new year and pass the 100-day mark from when Hurricane María made landfall in Puerto Rico, we want to p ...

Op-Ed: 5 Puerto Rican startups that stood up to the hurricane and won in ’17
January 3, 2018, No Comments

We can all agree that it has been a difficult year for Puerto Rico.

Op-Ed: Why multichannel marketing matters
December 18, 2017, No Comments

Direct marketing is a form of advertising for companies and organizations to communicate directly with existing or poten ...

Op-Ed: 4 reasons why the Republican Tax Bill is a disaster for Latinos
December 14, 2017, No Comments

While we continue to push for the Dream Act before the end of the year and the extension of Temporary Protected Status, ...

Op-Ed: The end of Net Neutrality — Now what?
December 5, 2017, No Comments

The Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Ajit Pai, recently unveiled his plan to eliminate Obama-era ...

Op-Ed: Mitigating medical product shortages will require ‘sustained effort’
December 1, 2017, No Comments

While Puerto Rico is making progress in its effort to recover from the devastation left by the hurricanes, it remains a ...

Op-Ed: Excluding PR from federal tax reform builds ‘economic wall’
November 30, 2017, 2 Comments

The tax reform and the resulting economic development and job creation to our nation included in President Donald Trump ...

Op-Ed: How the U.S. Energy Dept. is helping restore power in PR, USVI
November 24, 2017, No Comments

Service is an honor. It’s also an opportunity to effect change, to make progress, to develop possibilities. That’s w ...

Op-Ed: Coping with holiday stress after Hurricanes Irma and María
November 23, 2017, No Comments

Holidays can bring about stress any year, but hurricanes add a whole new level of uncertainty and frustration.