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Op-Ed: PREPA board chair explains new CEO’s compensation
March 23, 2018, No Comments

There have been questions about the compensation of Walt Higgins.

Op-Ed: Debt forgiveness and tax considerations
March 6, 2018, No Comments

In upcoming years, the term “debt forgiveness” will become a common phrase among individuals, proprietorships, and b ...

Op-Ed: The danger of the deregulation of professions
February 27, 2018, No Comments

The recent Fiscal Plan presented by the government of Puerto Rico proposes the deregulation of professions with the sup ...

Op-Ed: IRA accounts, retirement plans & Hurricane María: How do they collide in my taxes?
February 26, 2018, No Comments

The Individual Retirement Account is a retirement savings account. However, the funds in an IRA may be used for other pu ...

Op-Ed: Dudley — Now is ‘perfect opportunity’ for P.R. start energy grid from scratch
February 23, 2018, No Comments

Hurricanes Irma and María did immense damage to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin islands, severely exacerbating what wer ...

Op-Ed: People who moved from P.R. in ’17, what about their taxes?
February 20, 2018, No Comments

Moving to another country and starting over is one of the most frightening yet exhilarating adventures ever. Life as you ...

Op-Ed: Institute of Statistics able to ‘light the way to full, reliable, accessible data’
February 16, 2018, No Comments

We appreciate the statement of the Oversight Board on the desirability that the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics is m ...

Op-Ed: Disaster relief for P.R. must accommodate women’s needs
February 10, 2018, No Comments

This past fall, Hurricanes Irma and María struck Puerto Rico, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in their wake wit ...

Op-Ed: FDA says ‘shortage of IV fluids will improve in coming weeks, months’
January 17, 2018, No Comments

Earlier this month, we updated on the Food and Drug Administration’s efforts to mitigate ongoing IV saline shortages t ...

Op-Ed: FDA chief, ‘shortage of IV fluids will improve in early ’18’
January 5, 2018, No Comments

As we enter the new year and pass the 100-day mark from when Hurricane María made landfall in Puerto Rico, we want to p ...