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Grupo Guayacán opens call for 10th edition of Guayacán Venture Accelerator
April 3, 2018, No Comments

Grupo Guayacán Inc. (GGI) announced the start of its annual call for applications for the 10th edition of the Guayacán ...

Assured Guaranty: P.R.’s latest fiscal plan projects $6B surplus
March 29, 2018, No Comments

Puerto Rico had greater financial resources than it previously claimed, but there continues to be little transparency in ...

Grupo Guayacán kicks off 13th edition of its EnterPRize business competition
March 29, 2018, No Comments

Grupo Guayacán Inc. (GGI) announced the official kick-off of its 2018 EnterPRize Business Competition.

Manufacturers convey to PREPA’s new chief urgency for ‘viable service’
March 28, 2018, No Comments

The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association sent a letter to the new executive director of the Puerto Rico Electric Power ...

New gov’t conditions send ripples through P.R.’s medicinal cannabis sector
March 28, 2018, No Comments

In recent weeks, two Puerto Rico government entities have sent out letters to medicinal cannabis clinics, as well as phy ...

Coalition promotes co-op model to transform P.R.’s electrical system
March 27, 2018, No Comments

The Coalition for Energy Cooperation in Puerto Rico, which promotes the cooperative model as an alternative to transform ...

FEMA aid for mitigation work in P.R. could reach $30B
March 23, 2018, No Comments

The Federal Emergency Management Agency could assign as much as $30 billion to address damage mitigation work in Puerto ...

P.R. credit unions file ‘adversary proceeding’ in P.R. bankruptcy case
March 23, 2018, No Comments

A group of Puerto Rico credit unions filed an "adversary proceeding" before Judge Laura Taylor Swain, who presides over ...

Banco Popular Foundation, Hispanic Federation to reward ‘Big Ideas’
March 21, 2018, No Comments

They say that times of crisis ignite the spark of creativity and elicit the best ideas. With this in mind, the Banco Pop ...

Grupo Guayacán appoints Ángel L. Pérez as new Board chair
March 19, 2018, No Comments

Grupo Guayacán, Inc. (GGI) announced the appointment of Ángel L. Pérez, vice [resident of Rock Solid Technologies, as ...