Energy Affairs Administration to host ‘green’ energy industry forum

Energy Affairs Administration Executive Director Luis Bernal

The Puerto Rico Energy Affairs Administration will host the “Green Energy Business Conference” at the University of Puerto Rico Aguadilla campus Apr. 27, the agency announced Thursday.

The event will be an educational gathering for energy industry professionals, professors and students who will present a series of conferences on green energy projections and trends and their relation to Puerto Rico’s economic development.

Among the topics that will be covered during the event will be: business opportunities in renewable energy; project developer experiences; and existing funds for green energy and agricultural projects. The conference will also offer attendees the opportunity to visit two renewable energy projects in the area.

“We’ve developed renewable energy projects throughout the west in schools, residences, businesses, universities, cooperatives and agricultural projects. It has been a huge investment that has stimulated our economy,” said Energy Affairs Executive Director Luis Bernal, adding the island’s western region has been “instrumental in the development of Puerto Rico’s green energy industry.”

The conference will take place at the university’s Student Center from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m, and although it is free of charge, reservations are required by calling 787-749-0226.

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