Garage Isla Verde grants scholarships to auto mechanics students

Garage Isla Verde President Carlos Manuel Quiñones greets one of the six winners of the scholarships awarded jointly with Automeca.

Mercedes-Benz dealership Garage Isla Verde and Automeca recently joined forces to award the first six scholarships for students enrolled in auto mechanics courses. The scholarship is named after Garage Isla Verde founder, Carlos M. Quiñones Aulí, who was a professional mechanic and is part of Automeca’s Scholarship Foundation.

Upon announcing the winners, Garage Isla Verde President Carlos Manuel Quiñones stressed the importance of promoting and motivating young people who decide to pursue a career in auto mechanics, as did his father.

“We have seen different trends, we must seize the opportunities offered to us in life, and this is one that could eventually lead them to joining the Garage Isla Verde team if they work hard at it,” he said.

The scholarship ceremony was held at Garage Isla Verde facilities, where each of the scholarship winners — including one woman — had the chance to become familiar with the facility, as well as the work and demands associated with repairing and servicing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

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