DACO issues 15 infringement notices to car dealers

DACO Secretary Michael Pierluisi (center) heads the visits, along with agency inspectors.

The Department of Consumer Affairs issued Wednesday about 15 infringement notices to auto dealers selling vehicles without the Monroney Label, required by local and federal laws to provide information to potential car buyers.

During a surprise operation during which 45 dealerships in San Juan, Mayagüez and Ponce were inspected, DACO (as the agency is known by its initials in Spanish), detected vehicles on the lot lacking the sticker outlining the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, standard and optional equipment, information about the car’s warranty, engine and transmission, and miles per gallon of fuel, among other facts.

“These demands of the laws are intended to provide clear and accurate information for consumers when making an investment such as the purchase of a vehicle,” said DACO Secretary Michael Pierluisi, who headed the visits.

“Not having that information as it should be is depriving consumers from having the elements needed to make an intelligent decision,” he said, adding the surprise visits will extend to other areas of the island in coming months.

“Not having attached the stickers showing the suggested retail price also constitutes a violation of the Treasury Department’s regulations,” said Pierluisi.

In the case of DACO, the first notice of violation carries a penalty of $400, while the second is $800 and the third is $1,200.

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