DACO launches new ‘Citizen Inspector’ program

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Citizen Inspectors can sign up to help via DACO's website.

Citizen Inspectors can sign up to help via DACO’s website.

The Puerto Rico Consumer Affairs Department, known as DACO in Spanish, announced Wednesday the start of its new “Citizen Inspector” program, which aims to educate consumers and encourage citizen participation in efforts to implement the agency’s public policy.

To become a “Citizen Inspector,” consumers should visit www.daco.pr.gov where they will find a video explaining the steps to them, including downloading the Educational Manual that contains DACO’s most applied rules, as well as complete a registration form. Once registered, consumers will receive through their “Citizen Inspector” certifications via email that empowers them to carry out missions that the agency will send them, also by email.

“Our goal is for businesses to see a DACO inspector in each consumer so they have no other choice but to honor their rights,” agency Secretary Nery Adames said. “With this new program we seek the active participation of people so they can help us verify compliance with the agency’s regulations in all types of commercial establishments, from mega stores to gas stations.”

“We always motivate consumers to demand their rights, and now they can do so through the missions we will send them and report their findings to improve the practices of businesses in Puerto Rico,” Adames said.

The “Citizen Inspector” project is fully explained on DACO’s new website. The agency will publish what consumers find during their missions, Adames said.

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  1. Hmmm... May 29, 2014 at 7:24 PM · Reply

    Got a few ideas Mr. Secretary….

    1. Get them walking shoes on,
    2. Get out of the office more often,
    3. and Get to the far out corners of the island yourself.
    Your budget is close to $11 million dollars…isn’t that enough to cover an island that’s only 105 miles by 35 miles? And now you want a volunteer army too??? C’mon!!!

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