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Op-Ed: Income tax exemptions for the young
April 10, 2017, No Comments

As a general rule, income received by a person resident in Puerto Rico is subject to Puerto Rico income taxes, which is ...

Op-Ed: A guide to federal taxes for freelancers
March 27, 2017, No Comments

Taxation is far from being the most exciting part of your freelancing business. As a matter of fact, it is a very dull, ...

Op-Ed: Responsibilities of the withholding agent
March 15, 2017, No Comments

Generally, those responsible for withholding are called “withholding agents.” This means any person that is bound to ...

Op-Ed: Alternate basic tax for individuals
March 7, 2017, No Comments

Tax season is just around the corner and the computation of income taxes becomes the main topic during this period.

Zaragoza: Oversight Board needs to defend Law 154
October 21, 2016, No Comments

The government of Puerto Rico is counting on the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico to fight for t ...

Auto dealerships: P.R. used car sales up in last decade
October 20, 2016, No Comments

The Puerto Rico Association of Automobile Distributors and Dealers released the findings of a study Wednesday that refle ...

Op-Ed: Who should file US individual income tax return?
April 8, 2016, No Comments

Every U.S. citizen is subject to the provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code ("USIRC") regardless of their ...

Treasury: Feb. revenue at $767.5M, below estimates
March 17, 2016, No Comments

Puerto Rico’s General Fund revenue collections totaled $767.5 million in February, reflecting a $58.2 million increase ...

Compulsory electronic tax filing to save Treasury $5M
March 4, 2016, No Comments

Filing an individual paper tax return becomes outdated this April as Puerto Rico switches to compulsory electronic filin ...

Op-Ed: Responsibility or complicity?
February 4, 2016, No Comments

The Puerto Rico Treasury Department has launched a series of embargoes on local businesses that have not been remitting ...