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$14M Flamboyán Arts Fund opens public grants cycle for ’19

The Flamboyán Foundation announced that it has opened the Flamboyán Arts Fund public grant application after the run of Hamilton in Puerto Rico, which raised more than $14 million for the fund.

The grant application will close
March 31st and awards will be announced in the spring. Details are available on
the Flamboyán Foundation website.

Flamboyán Arts Fund grants will
support art groups and organizations from three primary domains: performing arts,
visual arts, and literature. Funding can be used to support several areas of focus
including infrastructure, education, program services, communications support, community
revitalization, and financial sustainability.

Along with grant money, Flamboyán
Arts Fund grantees will join a network of other local arts organization and together
build the landscape for ongoing support of arts and culture, the nonprofit announced.

Organizations must meet eligibility
requirements to qualify for funding including being a nonprofit organization with
a significant programming presence and history in Puerto Rico. The Arts Fund is
accepting applications from programs across the island.

“Embedded deeply in the culture
of Puerto Rico is a rich artistic history. From dance to theater and song to visual
design, there is a wonderful tradition of cultural expression through the arts,”
said Flamboyán Fund Puerto Rico Executive Director Carlos J. Rodríguez-Silvestre.

“At the Flamboyán Foundation, we
have worked on the island in the education and philanthropic sectors for more than
a decade in our efforts to build a strong Puerto Rico,” he said.

“The Flamboyán Arts Fund is an extension
of our deep commitment to ensuring that Puerto Rico is thriving economically and
socially. We cannot be more excited to partners with our 12 inaugural grant recipients
as well as the new grantees that we will welcome following this round of applications.
This is just the beginning,” he said.

Since its founding in summer 2018,
the Flamboyán Arts Fund has announced funding commitments totaling $4 million to
12 arts organizations in Puerto Rico that are working to preserve and promote the
arts island-wide.

These institutions and groups have
shown their commitment to the arts and to education and have been affected by both
the financial crisis on the island as well as the devastating effects caused by
Hurricane María. The initial granteesare: Andanza, Y no Había Luz, Museo de Arte
de Puerto Rico, Teatro de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Crearte, Decimanía, Taller
Folklórico Central, Taller Cinemático, Música pa’ Culebra, Beta Local, Museo de
Arte Contemporáneo and Ballets de San Juan.

“It is incredibly important that
the artists of Puerto Rico continue to be able to tell their stories, which is why
we partnered with the Flamboyán Foundation to create the Flamboyán Arts Fund,” said
Hamilton creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

“From Rincón to Fajardo, Culebra
and Vieques, the Flamboyán Arts Fund will strengthen small and large organizations
across arts genres. I cannot wait to meet the next round of grantees and see and
hear the work they are doing,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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