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17 new entrepreneurs graduate from ‘La Y en el Yunque’ retraining program

Vitrina Solidaria, the YMCA Puerto Rico and the El Yunque National Forest announced that 17 participants of the first edition of the “La Y en el Yunque” program — financed by CDBG-DR recovery funds — completed the training and achieved several professional certifications on their way to reinserting themselves into the labor market.

Raquel Skerrett-Escalera, executive director of the solidarity entrepreneurship accelerator Vitrina Solidaria, said the free program is aimed at people 18 and older in Puerto Rico’s eastern zone who are unemployed, working part-time or are jobless.

“After 10 months, 17 participants celebrate the achievement of having been trained to embark on new job opportunities and contribute to our island’s sustainable economic development,” said Skerrett.

“Today they have new knowledge, new goals and a solid base to continue with their projects,” said Skerrett-Escalera, adding that nine program participants have already landed jobs and seven have their business blueprint and action plan.

The “La Y en el Yunque” project is subsidized with $1.9 million in CDBG-DR funds and its Job Training program administered by the Department of Housing, said Keenan Adams, forest supervisor of El Yunque National Forest.

Applications are already being accepted for a second edition of the program that will begin in August.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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