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2 nonprofits to benefit from Abarca Health’s ‘Better Care’ program

Abarca Health announced the organizations selected to benefit from the third edition of its Better Care Community Program (BCCP) — The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico and Quantum House in Florida.

The company’s program supports health-related projects for nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico and Florida. The two chosen entities will receive a subsidy and voluntary support from Abarca’s employees for up to three years.

The Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico offers children and young people hope for a better future and opportunities to develop their full potential. As a BCCP grantee, the organization will receive support for its “Be a Star” bullying prevention program, which encourages youth to treat others with respect through education and grassroots initiatives.

Quantum House is a burden-reducing care and support home for families whose children are receiving treatment for serious medical conditions in Palm Beach County, Florida. BCCP’s contribution will help finance meals, housing, and other household needs for families while their children receive medical treatment.

Last year, more than 8,000 people benefited from projects led by five nonprofit organizations that Abarca employees selected as partners for the BCCP in 2019 and 2021. For BCCP 2022, Abarca has announced that it will extend the contract with four of these entities.

One of these four organizations is The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation in Florida, whose clinical trials and research aim to stop or slow the progression of diabetes and eventually find a cure.

Likewise, the BCCP will continue supporting the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus in its research project focused on the association between the morbidity caused by COVID-19 in Puerto Rico and outdoor aeroallergens such as fungal spores and pollen.

Another recipient organization is Ciencia Puerto Rico and its Semillas de Éxito initiative that provides high school and middle school girls the opportunity to explore STEM-H careers while being mentored by “Borinqueñas,” women with distinguished careers in science, technology, math, and health.

And finally, the program will continue to support the Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer Community Organization in its educational events and patient outreach programs to support people living with active multiple sclerosis and cancer.

This year, a special donation will also be made to the Sociedad Pro-Hospital del Niño, a non-profit organization whose main mission is to contribute to the rehabilitation of children with physical and/or mental disabilities. The donation will be used to purchase musical equipment for its residents in wheelchairs.

“Everything we do at Abarca is based on the belief that a better way is possible. We are excited by the opportunity to continue carrying out this mission in collaboration with these organizations and make a real difference in the lives of the people who need it most,” said Jason Borschow, CEO of Abarca Health.

BCCP grantee organizations are selected based on their potential impact on the community, the volunteer opportunities presented for Abarcans, and their alignment with Abarca’s core values, the company stated.

Abarca employees vote to decide who will participate in the program and make the final selection.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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