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’21 Series of Wellness workshops for emotional health starts Feb. 15

The 2021 Series of Wellness Workshops to strengthen emotional health in the population will be available as of Feb. 15 for groups that request them, organizers Fundación Triple-S and Albizu University announced.

“We’re pleased to continue collaborating with the Albizu University to contribute to the wellbeing of our population,” Ivelisse Fernández, executive director of the foundation and chief marketing officer at Triple-S, said.

Any type of group may request the 90-minute workshop, which can be adapted to all types of audiences, health professionals, seniors, nonprofits, communities, businesses, schools, and universities, among others.

“We especially want to reach vulnerable communities and diverse groups throughout the island. The virtual platform allows us to have greater reach and bring together participants that may be at different locations in Puerto Rico,” said Fernández.

Due to the pandemic, the workshops are now held via Zoom to provide tools to participants to better manage situations that may arise in their daily lives. They are based on what is known as positive psychology.

“This collaboration with Fundación Triple-S has allowed us to expand the scope of our work with mental health. The workshops offer wellness tools so participants can develop the skills to manage their emotions. We are well aware of the great need in Puerto Rico for mental health services and that is why we support this type of initiative,” said José Pons-Madera, president of Albizu University.

This year, the initiative includes among its objectives the provision of interventions for individuals and groups that request this type of support. These services will be offered by Albizu University mental health professionals and include six brief therapy sessions for up to a maximum of 24 simultaneous cases.

Those interested in requesting a workshop should organize the group, propose two alternate dates and hours, provide a contact person’s name and telephone, and send an e-mail to Lydia Figueroa.

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Author Details
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