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300+ Enactus Puerto Rico students participate in virtual workshops

More than 300 Enactus Puerto Rico students have been active during the current lockdown in virtual training and development workshops, which have ranged from leadership in times of crisis, using computer programs, project analysis, to the use of the LinkedIn professional network as a platform to access new opportunities.

Similarly, training for the Corporate and Business Leadership Certification has continued. The teams have rethought and kept up on the development of their 36 projects, using alternative sources of education and development, Enactus officials said.

Rody Rivera, leader of Enactus Puerto Rico, said after rethinking how the organization would continue to work with students during Puerto Rico’s emergency with the coronavirus, it reinvented the operation and the work schedule to make it accessible to faculty and students across 16 universities, virtually, through the Go To Meetings platform.

“We’re experiencing one of the most challenging moments in modern history with this pandemic and we recognize the uncertainty that this causes in citizens,” said Rivera.

“As an organization, we’re not exempt from the effects on the island, so we regroup, create and innovate the way to continue training and developing the leaders that Puerto Rico needs,” said Rivera.

During the past academic year, more than 425 students in 16 teams that make up Enactus Puerto Rico, designed 36 projects with an economic impact of more than $12 million for the island.

This year they hope to increase the reach of students and community projects through a collaborative alliance with the Department of Economic Development and Commerce’s youth program, Rivera said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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