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AbbVie, AbbVie Foundation give $4M+ for disaster relief

Abbvie is providing support to a number of nonprofits helping Puerto Rico pick up the pieces after Hurricane María.

AbbVie and the AbbVie Foundation donated more than $4 million for disaster relief during September 2017, including $1 million for Hurricane Irma and $2 million for Hurricane María, the company said.

AbbVie employees have also contributed for relief efforts. The AbbVie Foundation is matching employee donations to disaster relief organizations, resulting in an additional $800,000+ committed to support their efforts.

Specifically for Puerto Rico, these donations have been directed through the following charitable organizations:

  • American Red Cross: providing ready-to-eat meals, hygiene kits, medical supplies, insect repellent, satellite phones, and cleaning products; deploying volunteers and personnel and supporting sheltering efforts with the government of Puerto Rico.
  • AmeriCares: meeting urgent medical needs and addressing the needs of the displaced including: providing the San Juan convention center shelter’s medical teams with tetanus vaccines and medications to meet the health needs of the displaced there; supporting affected hospitals; shipping and procurement of medicines and medical supplies.
  • Direct Relief: outreach and support to affected partner health clinics, including repairs to damaged infrastructure, preparation, procurement, packing, and shipping of emergency items including generators and medicines- all in collaboration with Puerto Rico Department of Health, Office of Public Health Preparedness & Response.
  • Feeding America: disaster operations including procurement and distribution of food and water including sourcing and placing drivers, warehouse staff and personnel, and volunteer coordinators to alleviate strain on the small staff at the food bank.
  • Heart to Heart International: provision of mobile medical care including basic emergency triage, wound care, tetanus vaccinations, and replacing lost medications; recruitment of qualified volunteers.  Working in conjunction with Office of Emergency Management, Health and Human Services and FEMA.
  • International Medical Corps: delivery of primary health care through mobile medical units and support to existing health facilities; addressing water, sanitation and hygiene needs to help those evacuated recover and thwart the spread of disease; mental health and psychosocial support for those impacted; distribution of urgently-needed medication, hygiene kits, and supplies; fill critical gaps and ensure families and communities get the care and resources they need to recover and rebuild.
  • Project Hope: provision of direct medical assistance either through mobile medical units or in support of static clinics; distribution of personal and family hygiene kits, water purification tablets; engage mental health specialists and social workers to assist affected people with accessing basic services and managing stress through the provision of psychological first aid; psychosocial support services will target first responders as well as others from the affected population; establish a supply chain to bring products into the island and distribute through authorized providers of care, with a focus on rural and harder to reach communities. Coordinating with the State Department of Puerto Rico and a national civil society organization, Iniciativa Comunitaria.

“Our thoughts and hearts are with all of those impacted by disasters, including our friends and colleagues and their families. We are grateful to all of our nonprofit partners who are providing critical relief and care to those in need — and are committed to doing what we can to help the island rebuild in the weeks and months ahead,” said Melissa Walsh, vice president of the AbbVie Foundation.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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