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Access All Services to train business leaders to respond to reputation threats

Consulting firm Access All Services (AAS) will be conducting a series of training sessions aimed at senior leadership members of local businesses and organizations, so they can adapt more quickly to emerging communication challenges and contribute to the island’s development with a collective well-being approach.

Maricelis Rivera-Santos, CEO of AAS, confirmed that the firm will also expand its news and social media monitoring services during the second quarter of the year to make them accessible to more entities throughout Puerto Rico and the diaspora.

“In our consulting work we see that gaps persist Puerto Rico, at all levels, in digital communication processes, an aspect that can lead to serious threats to the reputation of people and companies,” said Santos.

“It’s also urgent to understand the idiosyncrasies of the new generations of consumers with respect to the expectations they have when they purchase products and services or when they look for a job,” she said.

“Global studies reveal that consumers are more motivated to buy, protect and refer companies that have purpose, values with which they identify. We noticed a growing need for specialized support in these areas,” Rivera-Santos added.

She said “AAS Professional Series for EXECs” — to be held on two non-consecutive days, April 19 and May 17 — aims to contribute with strategies that allow these gaps to be addressed because part of Access All Services’ mission is to promote socio-economic development and productivity in Puerto Rico through communication, marketing, and business development tools.

“We have designed a series of factual and practical seminars, during which we will show current cases and trends to illustrate new ways of developing strategies that will strengthen, protect, and promote a sustained growth of leaders and organizations,” Rivera-Santos said.

“Participants will use these tools during the seminars to create or adjust plans that they will be able to implement immediately in their respective organizations,” she added.

The event will bring together experts from diverse fields and organizations inside and outside Puerto Rico, who will address topics such as: digital reputation and strategies for leaders in the social media era; best practices for enterprises in a world of climate and labor change; fundamentals of neuropsychology and organizational well-being; and media training and strength marketing, among others.

Among the panelists who will participate are Edmarie Guzmán-Pérez, professor of neuropsychology at Harvard University; Melissa Rivera-Roena, general manager of ManpowerGroup Puerto Rico; Rafael Ruiz, CEO of Life Balance Health Professionals; Carlos Pacheco-Irizarry, president of Tais and the Puerto Rico Model Forest Board and Bianca Díaz, president of Billenium Energy.

“The goal is to provide participants with the tools they need to be good leaders and that their companies can excel as equally good (‘Good Leader-Good Company’),” said Rivera-Santos.

AAS Professional Series for EXECs 2024 will take place at the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association’s headquarters in Guaynabo. A limited number of spots are available, since organizers will be working in small groups in a workshop and business retreat environment. Groups within the same company are welcome.

Expanded news alert services
Meanwhile, AAS Communications and Marketing Director Aurora Rivera-Arguinzoni said the company’s monitoring service, known as News Alert Services (NAS), will be offering multiple service options or packages to “satisfy the different needs of entities with different budgets.”

“It’s important that all the team is well-informed so that they can detect threats, anticipate opportunities, and better plan each of their strategies,” she said.

“That’s how big and powerful multinational companies conquer new markets, expand their business, and increase their chances of success. With News Alert Services, our small and medium-sized enterprises will no longer have to settle for less,” added Rivera-Arguinzoni.

“We gather information from dozens of media outlets, including alternative, emerging, and social media, so that ours are not left behind,” she noted.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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