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Advia Network launches online media buying service

Antonio Tangarife, Advia Network’s programming director and Jeffrey Seda, sales and marketing director.

Under the slogan “Network Power,” online media buying company Advia Network unveiled its service through which customers have access to simultaneous advertising space in multiple local media outlets.

The company integrates “innovative advertising on social networks” and will soon include offline media such as billboards and radio spots, said Antonio Tangarife, Advia Network’s programming director during a news conference Wednesday.

“Advia Network has the tools that enable the advertiser to easily create campaigns, while offering the perfect solution for bloggers, tweeters to monetize their content websites,” he said, noting the service arises from the need to have a tool to bring together the large number of local content websites that Puerto Ricans follow on the Internet.

Advia Network clients can define their campaign’s scope and reach, as there is no minimum investment required. Advertisers also have the advantage of seeing real-time status reports of their efforts.

“Advia Network is the place that gathers quality websites and content developers, which are usually niches. The ultimate goal is to help those media outlets connect with advertisers in all sorts of levels, be they small, medium or large companies,” said Jeffrey Seda, sales and marketing director.

“Through Advia Network we’re promoting the local economy. When we advertise products directed toward local consumers on local websites, the money stays in Puerto Rico,” said Seda, noting that the media outlet keeps as much as 70 percent of the ad campaign revenue.

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Author Details
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