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Avenger Aerospace Solutions lands in Aguadilla

Avenger PR, LLC, a subsidiary of Avenger Aerospace Solutions, opened its doors on March 2 in Aguadilla.

Avenger PR, LLC, a subsidiary of Avenger Aerospace Solutions, opened its doors on March 2 in Aguadilla.

Avenger Aerospace Solutions, a specialized aerospace industry’s service provider with headquarters in South Carolina, established a subsidiary in Puerto Rico recently, adding to the expansion of this new economic sector on the island, company and government officials announced Wednesday.

“Avenger Aerospace Solutions has made a great name in the aerospace industry for providing cutting-edge aerospace services. We’re proud to maintain the same level of quality in every aspect of our business from Puerto Rico,” said company President David Misencik.

Officially, Avenger Puerto Rico LLC started operations in Aguadilla last month to support client needs in Puerto Rico, Central and South American. Avenger offers aerospace engineering services related to maintenance, repair, manufacturing and aerial equipment operations.

Its experience includes structural design, electrical and mechanical systems, primary and secondary structures and specialized analysis. The company also helps small and medium companies become Federal Administration Aviation certified.

Avenger Solutions client roster includes aerospace industry leaders, such as Goodrich, Safran Messier Services, ST Engineering and Neptune Aviation. In the Caribbean, the company provides services to Cape Air, and plans to join efforts with other industries in Puerto Rico’s aerospace sector.

“We would love the opportunity to provide Puerto Rico, Central and South America with the finest quality of technical and manufacturing service the aerospace industry has to offer,” Misencik said.

The aerospace industry, which has gotten a boost from the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company, has already spurred 1,500 new jobs since January 2013. From that total, 400 jobs have been created so far in UTC Aerospace, Honeywell Aerospace and Infosys. With the additional projects being negotiated, the aerospace industry will add another 1,500 new jobs from 2015 to 2016. At present, the industry employs more than 3,400 Puerto Rican workers.

“Puerto Rico is becoming the preferred destination for the international aerospace industry expansion, which is contributing to Puerto Rico’s economic development,” said Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Alberto Bacó-Bagué.

“This new economic sector is creating additional businesses and job opportunities to talented and promising workers on the island,” he said.

Puerto Rico Trade and Export Executive Director Francisco Chévere.

Puerto Rico Trade and Export Executive Director Francisco Chévere.

Firms look to aerospace sector for business
In related news, some 200 local companies participated Wednesday in the second government-sponsored event to identify business opportunities within the aerospace industry, specifically along the island’s northwest corridor where an ecosystem is developing.

The “Connecting Opportunities” event gathered small and mid-sized businesses who received orientation from the government on how to link with the aerospace conglomerate.

Among the sectors with the greatest potential for business development include: technical services, building maintenance and repair, financial services, technology and insurance services, food and beverage, transportation services, electrical services, health and personal services.

“Today with great satisfaction we see the result of the efforts that the government has been doing for local enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, to maximize their business opportunities given the development of an aerospace conglomerate in Puerto Rico,” said Puerto Rico Trade and Export Executive Director Francisco Chévere.

“Our goal is for our companies to grow by participating in the economic activity that will emerge as a result of the multiplier effect of the investments by companies in this segment, the services they require for their operations, and increasing consumption and purchase of goods and services,” he said.

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Author Details
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