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Agreement between town of Yauco, private sector to revive coffee production

A collaboration agreement between the municipality of Yauco, Gustos Coffee Foundation Inc. and Fincas Luis Roig Inc. Seeks to revive and promote the development of the coffee industry in the town’s mountainous area.

Yauco Mayor Ángel Luis Torres-Ortiz said some 200 Yauco farmers will benefit from the agreement.   

“We signed the collaborative agreement with these two organizations and a unique project in the Río Pietro area that will provide free coffee saplings to farmers in Yauco,” he said.

“We’re very excited about the opening of this agricultural project since after Hurricane María our farms were devastated and the harvest was lost that year,” he said.

The agreement provides that Fincas Luis Roig will cover leasing costs for the plot of land to be used for a coffee nursery for a five-year period from the signing. The company also will supply the raw material to make the soil mix for the coffee nursery and provide 100,000 coffee saplings for a five-year term, or up to 500,000 coffee seedlings, whichever comes first. It will also provide the necessary machinery to operate the nursery.

The Gustos Coffee Foundation will be responsible for financing the costs of running the nursery, through the foundation and the “Llena tu Taza de Apoyo a la Agricultura” program.

The municipality will hire the necessary staff to run the nursery.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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