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Agriculture Dept. to boost marketing of local products sold under ‘DelPaís’ brand

The Puerto Rico Agriculture Department will strengthen the promotion and sale of agricultural products marketed under the DelPaís brand through an agreement signed between the its Agricultural Development Innovation Fund division and Supermercados Selectos.

Ruth L. Pagán, executive director of FIDA, as the division is known for its initials in Spanish, said together with Agriculture Secretary Carlos Flores, “we’re ensuring through this agreement to do justice to agribusinesses while highlighting the freshness and the quality of Puerto Rican agricultural products under the ‘DelPaís and Cosecha de Puerto Rico [brands].”

The promotional agreement will highlight the logos of these products on campaigns in radio, television, print, digital, and internet.

Meanwhile, Supermercados Selectos will give emphasis and priority to the purchase of these agricultural products, positioning them for sale at strategic locations.

“The Agriculture Department’s mission is to not only boost the production of local goods for consumption on the island but has a duty to promote our products over imported goods,” Flores said.

FIDA will periodically provide the grocer a list of agricultural entrepreneurs who are certified under the DelPaís or Cosecha de Puerto Rico brands.

Supermercados Selectos has local products at its 35 stores islandwide.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.


  1. Edwin Almodovar August 21, 2019

    Why the press don’t ask if Mr. Flores is being investigate by USDA OIG and the US District Attorney? Why he thread to remove me from NRCS trough his USDA amigos in California, Forest Service and DC? Flowers is a coward!

  2. George Ohan August 31, 2019

    Thank you for the article. This is a very small step. However, it is the correct direction for Puerto Rico to move. #PR2025 ^^^^ About the comment above, Does News is My Business have a response to those questions?


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