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Air Master Group begins manufacturing energy-efficient glass in Gurabo

The window specialist is the sole producer in Puerto Rico to create its primary material on-site. 

Air Master Group, a 50-year-old Puerto Rican door and window manufacturer, has begun its production of energy-efficient Cool G glass at its Gurabo facility.

The company said that manufacturing the new glass, which has inherent safety features and the potential to reduce energy costs, is part of the group’s innovation plans.

Air Master stands out as one of the few in the U.S. and the sole producer in Puerto Rico to create its primary material on-site. 

The new production capability is anticipated to increase output and reduce lead times, thereby improving service for both residential and commercial clients, it stated.

“We’re proud to see the result of the work of our teams, who have allowed us not only to increase capacity but also to achieve efficiency, including reducing delivery times,” said Nicolas Megwinoff, CEO of Air Master Group.

The company’s “commitment is to continue improving our services and meet the needs of each client while protecting lives and families and caring for our environment. We’ve achieved local manufacturing of our energy-efficient Cool G glass, which fills us with satisfaction,” he added.

Megwinoff explained that Cool G glass is engineered to reduce energy consumption by up to 30% and has high impact resistance.

It has earned the esteemed Florida Product Approval certification, signifying compliance with the state’s rigorous regulatory standards.

‘Get Ready for Summer’ campaign
SIn anticipation of the summer heat and the onset of hurricane season, Air Master is utilizing its “Get Ready for Summer” campaign to promote the benefits of Cool G, describing it as an “ideal solution for the Puerto Rican consumer looking for a cool and pleasant environment in the summer months.” 

Air Master is offering various financing options in partnership with Synchrony Bank.

“Our team is ready to provide expert advice and customized solutions that suit your needs. With Air Master Group, you can trust that your home will be equipped with top-quality windows and innovative Cool G glass, ready to welcome the summer season with style and functionality,” the company said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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