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Althea + Hub Advanced Networks commit to Puerto Rico 5G Zone initiative

Oregon-based Althea announced a new partnership with 5G zone contributor Hub Advanced Networks to build and expand new broadband networks and support telecom innovation as part of the Puerto Rico 5G Zone & Blockchain Ignition Lab initiative. 

The PR5G Zone & Blockchain Ignition Lab is a new, nonprofit, Advanced Innovation Development and Test Lab creating opportunities for individuals, products, and companies to develop cost-effective, disruptive global solutions on the island of Puerto Rico, the companies said.

This collaboration focuses not only on improving the resilience of Puerto Rico’s communications infrastructure, but also pioneering innovative approaches to internet access, smart Ag, and LTE networks.

“Access to connectivity and broadband is essential to business development, education, and daily life,” said Althea CEO Deborah Simpier. “Althea and Hub Advanced Networks are committed to connecting more people through our work together in Puerto Rico.”

This 5G and blockchain research and development initiative “will improve the quality of life for the people and businesses of Puerto Rico and extend coverage and affordable opportunities to even the most remote and challenging areas of the island,” the companies stated.

Althea Network’s plug-and-play ISP platform utilizes blockchain technology to decouple the service and infrastructure layers of internet delivery, empowering end users to revenue-share by hosting network infrastructure. This is all accomplished in a user-friendly device that requires little to no training for blockchain novices to manage, thereby demystifying blockchain technology.

Powered by Althea’s Smart Routers and connected to Hub Advanced Networks’ fiber resources, last mile networks can be built in a flexible and agile way, delivering high broadband speeds and low latency.

Users can choose to earn revenue by adding infrastructure to expand network coverage further. Each Althea Smart Router also features an easy-to-use blockchain wallet and firmware to meter usage and billing, allowing for the rapid and cost-efficient deployment of large, fast, and economically accessible broadband networks.

“Althea’s wireless infrastructure expands the geographic reach of our broadband networks, but just as importantly, our unique, no contract billing protocol expands the demographic of people who will have access to fast and affordable broadband,” said Simpier.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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