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Amazon Web Services bets on cloud tech for Puerto Rico’s digital transformation

Amazon’s cloud computing company, Amazon Web Services (AWS), plans to continue applying data analytics and cloud computing to develop the economy and create education and natural disasters response programs in Puerto Rico, officials told News is my Business.

Abby Daniell, public sector program manager AWS in Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean, said in an interview with News is my Business that the company offers low-cost cloud computing capacity to countries where they’re able to pay for the services as they use it and add additional servers if needed.

“It’s like electricity, when you have the lights on you pay and when the lights are off you don’t pay. So, it’s the same thing with cloud computing; you can upload your data and you can have it in the cloud,” she said.

Daniell said the company works with Gradle and the Puerto Rico seismic network, which has 100 sensors for the early detection of natural disasters. They’re also able to track atmospheric systems by connecting sensor devices to cloud computing and restore connectivity if lost.

With the programs, they have been able to get an early warning detection by analyzing drone images on the affected areas when hurricanes María in Puerto Rico and Dorian in the Bahamas took place.

“We have responders who are there using drones taking photographs and images of the areas that have been damaged and bringing those back on the cloud and using data analytics to determine which areas were most impacted, allowing responders to prioritize where they’re most needed and helping with the response that will help save lives,” she said.

“For us, Puerto Rico is very important, and we’re committed to working on the island and supporting the Caribbean and its nations with their disaster preparedness,” she added.

AWS collaborates with the government to provide a citizen app that determines proper treatment for patients in the healthcare sector, gets permissions during Covid-10 lockdown, and requests appointments for the coronavirus vaccination.

“Digital transformation and workforce development are two very important areas for economic development and as we’ve seen during COVID and during the pandemic, governments have been able to respond quickly to get their citizens vaccinated or to give permissions to leave your home to be on and off the streets during Covid,” said Daniell.

Additionally, the company already offers two education programs in Puerto Rico — the free online learning portal AWS Educate and the educational program AWS Academy — with the purpose of creating new technological and educational platforms through which governments train their students and educators in the use of technology.

Also, to guarantee customer data security when using the cloud service, Daniell said AWS ensures that the data migrated is encrypted by utilizing their products and services to control who and at what time the cloud was accessed and by sending reports to the government.

“We invite students and educators to learn about cloud computing using our education programs and the government to work with us so that we can help them save money and be able to make decisions using our data analytics and other products and services,” she said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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