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Aon launches solution to design benefits plans based on employee perception

Global professional services firm Aon plc has launched Aon Architect Solution, aa tool that simplifies the process of designing employee benefits programs and the development of employer contribution strategies, taking into account the employer financials and the perception of its employees.

The new tool available in Puerto Rico helps employers balance their company’s financial goals and employee satisfaction, AON said.

“It’s necessary for employers to better understand how employees perceive their health benefits and evaluate what improvements or changes could impact this perception,” said Maricarmen Burgos-Carrión, executive vice president of Aon Puerto Rico.

“These benefit plans must be modified incorporating both the cost factor and the perception of the employees, which greatly influences the commitment these employees have with the company,” she added.

Aon Architect is a solution based on data and analysis, which combines the finances capabilities of the employer with the perception of its employees to achieve the ideal customized formula or model for each company.

It analyzes approximately 500,000 specific scenarios and allows the customer to create and modify their options and compare them. In this way, each employer can implement their ideal cost-effective plan, according to for its budget.

Each year, employers modify their benefit plans, increasingly shifting health care expenses onto employees, while medical costs continue to increase faster than inflation.

According to Aon data, 70% of employers in the U.S. say that during the next five years they will review their total compensation strategy to accommodate the changing needs and demographics of their workforce.

One of the advantages of the tool is that the impact of the changes can be measured immediately,” Burgos-Carrión said, adding that the analysis that previously took weeks, “is achieved quickly for agile decision making, which provide for employee engagement goals in a more accelerated manner.”

“The clients who participated in the launching of the solution in Puerto Rico are very pleased with their experience and impressed with the efficiency we achieved in the process. At Aon we recognize the importance of being able to make data-driven decisions in an agile way. This is why we keep innovating to help our clients navigate an increasingly complex world,” Burgos-Carrión said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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