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BASED launches platform to ‘support, inspire and inform a better Puerto Rico’

Puerto Rico’s growing start up and entrepreneurial ecosystem is now supported by a comprehensive resource guide called BASED.

Founded by young Puerto Rican entrepreneur Gustavo Diaz-Skoff, BASED is a subscription-based digital platform and quarterly magazine that provides aspiring entrepreneurs, changemakers and business leaders the tools, resources, and inspiration to build a better Puerto Rico.

“I know, through a combination of data and personal experience, that Puerto Rico holds the potential to transform into a global innovation and technology leader. It did so before and, in this changing global environment, it can certainly do it again,” said Diaz-Skoff. “BASED is meant to be a practical guide for those interested in being a part of that transformation.”

BASED’s online home provides users access to hundreds of data-rich stories about the local entrepreneurial scene, a podcast featuring the subjects of those stories, and access to a growing network of key people on-island and in the diaspora to continue building the connections that will amplify Puerto Rico’s economic growth.

“Off-island Puerto Ricans represent an untapped source of potential investment worth close to $30 billion and BASED can serve as a conduit for that community to direct capital towards our local economy,” said Diaz-Scoff.

Subscribers will also receive the quarterly BASED magazine, where ecosystem leaders share success stories, insights and practical information about the tools that helped them reach their entrepreneurial goals.

“The knowledge these seasoned entrepreneurs share in the pages of BASED will be valuable to help others climb the entrepreneurial learning curve faster and drive a more accelerated impact on the island’s economy,” said Diaz-Skoff.

The BASED platform was launched during an in-person event held at The Landmark, a coworking space in San Juan’s Miramar neighborhood that is featured on the cover of the first issue of BASED magazine.

The collaboration between Diaz-Scoff and The Landmark founder Olga Muñoz is exemplary of the types of connections BASED strives to make between people and businesses to drive growth in Puerto Rico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Muñoz and Diaz-Scoff’s intergenerational collaboration hinges on a shared interest in community-building and repurposing of historic spaces.

“It’s no coincidence that the inaugural issue of BASED feature’s the story of The Landmark on its cover, as it is a perfect example of how to leverage existing assets to help others in the community run their businesses in and from Puerto Rico. Olga poured the knowledge of her successful career as an architect and reinvested in a property that now serves as hub for other entrepreneurs to thrive, connect and grow,” said Diaz-Skoff.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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