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Boston Scientific Dorado highlights presence of women in manufacturing

Within the framework of the commemoration of the International Day of Working Women, medical device manufacturer, Boston Scientific Dorado, hosted the discussion “Women in manufacturing,” with the aim of sharing success stories and discussing the barriers faced by women in the industry.

The panel was moderated by communicator Yizette Cifredo and included the participation of four panelists who lead various areas in manufacturing for Boston Scientific: Iliette Frontera, vice president of operations; Melitza Colón, leader of the purchasing team; Jezaida Márquez, quality manager II; and Rosa Dávila, production manager II.

Currently, more than 50% of the board positions in the company in Dorado are held by women.

As part of the event, the panelists discussed the importance of diversity so that the women of the next generations know that there are opportunities for them in industries traditionally dominated by men.

“On many occasions we feel that society gives us a script. Today there are women with multiple facets,” Colón reflected on stereotypes, one of the challenges that she has identified as a woman in the industry.

“It’s time to stop and think ‘how am I supporting the elimination of stereotypes and barriers that do not allow women to continue developing?” she added.

Meanwhile, Frontera highlighted how practicing integration instead of a strict balance between the different areas of her life helped her successfully develop her career.

“I think that with the concept of balance we have made the mistake of thinking that there must be a perfect balance. For me, integrating means that we can all be successful,” said Frontera, who has been in the manufacturing industry for 17 years.

While they talked about their experiences and challenges in the industry, the panelists made a call to raise awareness that, as a society, we must continue to evolve and practice inclusion. In addition, they pointed out that a workspace that fosters the development of its employees, and a diverse and equitable culture has been key to its growth.

“In Puerto Rico we’ve seen progress in the manufacturing industry. One being able to see oneself reflected allows one to think ‘yes, it can’,” Frontera said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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