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Bravada Vodka sales in Puerto Rico growing at ‘steady pace’

Bravada Vodka, launched in November 2021 as the first 100% vodka made in Puerto Rico, has sold some 4,800 cases — 1,200 boxes per month since it opened for business — and is now available in the main supermarkets and megastores, as well as in restaurants and bars islandwide, company officials said.

“The evolution and acceptance of Bravada Vodka in such a short time reflects not only the quality of Bravada Vodka, but that Puerto Ricans are moving more and more to consume and support local products,” said Claudia Ferrer and Carlos López, founders and owners of Casa Bravada, a Bravada Vodka distillery.

“Unlike other imported distilled spirits, Bravada is distilled six times in an artisanal way in a copper still, which gives it an impeccable smoothness, intriguing warmth on the palate and makes it perfect to consume either alone or in any cocktail,” said Ferrer and López.

The company expects to close the year 2022 with a total production of 12,000 cases — each containing 12 bottles — and for the following years, they predict adding 4,000 additional boxes to those 12,000 of the initial year.

Bravada Vodka is a premium-artisan, gluten-free, organic spirit produced and manufactured entirely in Toa Baja, where the plant has the capacity to produce more than 600,000 bottles per year, company executives said.

The distillery expects to continue increasing its production, expanding the distribution of Bravada in different points of sale such as bars, hotels, and restaurants, and aims to reach all types of public, since it is a premium but accessible product.

Different initiatives will be worked on to continue promoting the vodka, among them, a “tour” throughout the island with different events and activations.

The company also plans to export Bravada Vodka to the US mainland market targeting Puerto Ricans living there, the executives said.

Currently, Bravada Vodka is available in local retailers including Walmart, Econo, Selectos, Supermax, Pueblo, Plaza Loíza and Mr. Special, among others.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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