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Buena Vibra Group, Capital DBG collaborate on initiatives in P.R./DR

Creative companies Buena Vibra Group and Capital DBG announced the signing of a collaboration agreement that seeks to expand the resources and tools that each agency has for strengthen the conversation between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Both agencies, denominated as
non-traditional, have an innovation focus that is based on cultural and social

With this alliance, the
companies will seek to highlight the similarities between both territories and
their relationship with the Caribbean, while integrating to their respective
operations a model of creation that bets on the development of content and
design of experiences, based on communication strategies for their brands and

Likewise, representatives from
both agencies announced that this alliance is the first phase in a global
enterprise built on the Caribbean identity, entertainment and the vocation
towards social causes.

Buena Vibra Group, founded in Puerto
Rico in 2007 by partners Emil Medina and Max Pérez, has stood out as a
community of experiences that goes beyond generating traditional advertising.

Since its creation, the agency
has believed in social empowerment, especially among the youngest audiences,
and in proposing solutions that integrate dynamic experiences and narrated
content in different ways, provoking conversations that set the tone in various
lines of culture.

On the other hand, Capital DBG,
based in Santo Domingo, is the largest independent agency in the Dominican
Republic. The agency’s philosophy proposes the union of artistic work with the
entrepreneurial vision as a mechanism to cultivate creativity and analysis,
creating positive changes for the community, the city and the environment.

“We found great synergy
since we had our first conversations and immediately realized that it was a
natural step for both agencies to look at the possibility of joining talents
and resources, given the similarity of approaches and vision,” said Medina, of
Buena Vibra Group.

“Certainly, in the case of
Buena Vibra Group, looking at the Dominican Republic was almost inevitable
because of the family roots that bind me, and even more so when we find in DBG
Capital a group with similar thrust and approaches in terms of the importance we
give to the culture in the process of generating business ideas,” he said.

The exchange of resources and
knowledge between both agencies will include the transfer of personnel between
countries to promote the breadth of thinking and the training of new talent. In
addition, the union of capacities will allow both agencies to use the business
terrain of their counterparts to generate new intelligences and understandings,
as well as the opportunity to promote new businesses in both markets, executives

“The traditional models of
advertising agencies have become obsolete in the face of the cultural and
technological changes we experience today,” said Mario Dávalos, CEO of Capital

“This has given way to a new
generation of communication companies with a social vocation, which link
culture, entertainment and the Caribbean identity to produce favorable business
results for their clients. We are facing a reality that no longer sees ‘consumers,’
but people,” he said.

“With this thought, we have
anchored the alliance we announce today and that we know will yield very
positive results, both commercial and growth in business intelligence, breaking
the geographical barriers that sometimes limit us,” said Dávalos.

After the announcement, both
agencies are ready to execute a first meeting in Puerto Rico in which resources
and employees of the companies will participate, to begin the alignment of
visions and opportunities, as well as the identification of potential growth
and business opportunities, executives said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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