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Op-Ed: My business, my responsibility, my success

Author Hilda Arias is founder and Owner of Diet Home.

Author Hilda Arias is founder and Owner of Diet Home.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had days when I feel in love with my work, and that same afternoon I’m questioning and wonder if I should change this or that. And that’s actually normal.

Despite what we would like to think, nobody is 100 percent on their game every single day, even when their business is going strong, like mine is. We just reached our 11th anniversary in Diet Home, a company I founded literally with the help of my children and taking a huge leap of faith. I had very little money; I had to do everything myself in a tiny commercial space…but failure was not an option.

Especially in the economic climate we are experiencing today in Puerto Rico, there’s not a week that goes by when business owners don’t question why they’re doing what they’re doing. This is a natural feeling. Being an entrepreneur is not for the weak.

It requires fortitude, determination and creativity. You are responsible for the success of your business, and nobody else. Every single moving part comes under your guidance and leadership, and there are days when you question yourself, and days when you excel.

So, we have to learn to think like world-class athletes: they pour blood, sweat and tears into their daily training and show unprecedented commitment and dedication to their chosen event, without any certainty of success.

I think this is a lesson most of us entrepreneurs could learn and benefit from. Entrepreneurs in Puerto Rico, with all the challenges we face every day, have to develop a grand vision of what we want to achieve and focus on it daily.

As I look back now at how much work was needed to get Diet Home where it is today (competing with several multinational prepackaged diet meal companies, no less), it seems overwhelming. But here we are, and we have kept growing because we are focused.

Seeing the end goal
This is why we set sights on that end goal, but take daily steps to achieve it, and training daily to increase the areas we need to improve upon. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is a successful business.

When we have goals, research has shown that we get excited at the beginning and end of a project. When the end is near, we’re excited to almost be finished. It’s in the middle part where motivation is lost. And now, more than ever, the economy in Puerto Rico needs that we keep going, motivated, creating solutions to problems.

How often do we get stuck in a routine of just doing what we always do, rather than setting aside time to learn a new skill, or brush up on existing ones?

So along with that daily flow that you’re going to set up for yourself, you have to come back to your vision of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Every step you take in your business should be toward your vision; that painted picture you’ve created for yourself.

The feeling and emotion from this end goal motivating for me and has kept me going and growing for over a decade. I will make sure many more anniversaries come! No one is ever going to achieve the results you want in your life but you, so own it.

Author Details
Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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