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Canadian energy firm gets $21M order to build ‘net-zero’ homes in Puerto Rico

EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies Corp., a Canadian company that does business in Puerto Rico, announced it has received an order for 141 storm- and earthquake-resistant homes in Arroyo, Carolina, and Vega Baja, representing $21 million in revenue.

The so-called “net-zero” homes average about $150,000 and are developed with “virtually indestructible building materials powered by its ultra-light solar panels as part of a massive hurricane recovery effort to protect homes against future natural disasters,” company officials said in a release.

EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies and its joint venture partner, Brieke Family Assets Ltd (BFA), use a patented design and sustainable materials “to create high-performance, net-zero housing products for global residential, commercial, and public sector applications.”

As part of the Hurricane María recovery effort, EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies and BFA had received 200 orders to build their cement block and solar-powered homes across Puerto Rico.

The 141 additional orders push the total to 341 with the joint venture starting construction immediately, the companies confirmed.

The joint venture expects to finalize the first 35 homes by the first quarter of 2022 and ramp up capacity to build more than 50 homes per month starting in March 2022, they confirmed.

“We’re thrilled to receive this additional housing order and vote of confidence for 141 new homes across Puerto Rico, which come as a result of the years and millions spent on permitting, research and materials,” said John Gamble, CEO of EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies.

“No other system in the world can build virtually indestructible homes this quickly at affordable prices and we expect many more orders to come,” he said. 

“As the fourth anniversary of Hurricane María passes, we’re encouraged that the US administration has finally prioritized recovery efforts with allocated funding now making its way to those in need on the island,” he said.

“Our net-zero homes are not a temporary solution. We’re constructing permanent housing that can face future decades of natural disasters and stand up to new storms and earthquakes without relying on the current infrastructure or unreliable electric grids,” Gamble said in a statement.

As the US Congress continues to appropriate funding ($20.8 billion has been deployed to date) for Puerto Rico recovery efforts, an estimated 38,000 homes will be rebuilt in Puerto Rico over the next five years, the joint venture stated.

An additional $50 billion in allocated funding committed by federal agencies is currently being rolled out, according to the Central Office of Recovery, Reconstruction and Resiliency (COR3).

EnerDynamic Hybrid Technologies is using its “virtually indestructible building materials,” including CAT-5 blocks, powered by its ultra-light solar panels as part of a massive hurricane recovery effort to protect homes against future natural disasters.

So far, 70,000+ CAT5 blocks have been manufactured in Puerto Rico, enough to build the first 35 net-zero homes. Blocks required for the remaining orders are currently in production and will be finalized by the first quarter of 2022, company officials said.

Net-zero homes are built using “Lego” type designs, and its walls require no sheetrock, fiberglass, or wood, instead the insulation is integrated within the blocks meaning no risk of mold if the home gets flooded. The reinforced concrete can withstand winds of more than 200 miles per hour, and the closed cell foam holds the walls together in the event of a seismic event. They are solar powered.

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Author Details
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