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Caribbean Cinemas revamps Las Piedras theater, adds premium auditoriums

Caribbean Cinemas has announced the remodeling of its Las Piedras location in eastern Puerto Rico, integrating three of the newest concepts in premium auditoriums that differentiate the movie-going experience: a CXC auditorium, a 4D auditorium and two VIP auditoriums.  

This is the first time Caribbean Cinemas has incorporated VIP rooms within a traditional cinema, a trend that the company plans to replicate in other locations throughout the island, company executives said.

All stadium-style theaters provide more space between rows, while the cinema features a kitchen offering a varied menu as well as a seating area, and the new concession stand will also have a selection of beers and wines. In addition, the lobby has new LED screens, a game room with bumper cars and two remodeled birthday party rooms. 

The cinema originally opened in 2004, and its 10 screens are now lit by laser projectors that provide better image quality, “with more intense and defined colors,” the company said.

“We’re very pleased to bring to Las Piedras and its nearby towns this type of cinema with such varied premium cinema formats, with new food and drink options in the concession stand, and, above all, a modern cinema for the enjoyment of the whole family,” said Robert Carrady, president of Caribbean Cinemas. 

“Premium theaters and especially large-format theaters such as Liberty CXC theaters with Dolby Atmos sound, are the most requested in the entire chain and the first to be filled because customers already know that it is where they will best enjoy the films,” he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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