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Ciclón energy drink launches ‘The Power of You’ campaign

Ciclón International, a key player in the energy drink category, has unveiled its “The Power of You” campaign, betting on local talent through a production done entirely in Puerto Rico.

The maker of the energy drink aims to maintain its continued double-digit growth over the past eight years within the island’s energy drink industry, which represents 10 million liters sold, or 24 million 16-ounce cans.

Ciclón will complement its new campaign with strategic initiatives, including the addition of its new Mango Zero and Passion Fruit Zero flavors to its portfolio of 14 flavors. The company forecasts significant growth of the brand in Puerto Rico and international markets, and will create Ciclon.com, the official Ciclón page-universe where “Cicloners” from Puerto Rico and the world can stay informed, connect and interact with their stories of success, creativity and innovation.

“We’re very proud of this campaign, which celebrates the stories of creativity and perseverance of our Cicloners, stories that inspire every day. It also represents our gratitude and commitment to Puerto Rico and its people, who have favored us since our beginnings by making Ciclón the favorite energy drink of Puerto Ricans,” said Carlos Díaz, general manager of Ciclón International.

With more than 5,000 sales points across the island, in addition to sustained commercial development over the past 23 years, Ciclón also contributes to the growth of the CC1 Companies operation by bringing to Puerto Rico the production of the product’s 10-ounce presentations, which are manufactured in its Cayey plant.

The Puerto Rico operation has also served as a development market for the international expansion of the brand, which already has a presence in more than 10 markets, the CC1 executive explained.

The local manufacturing of Ciclón (10-ounce flavors) began in 2021. Since then, it represents approximately 20% of the Ciclón Energy Drink portfolio produced in Puerto Rico and has continued to grow year after year.

Thanks to its multicultural configuration, Puerto Rico has also figured, since Ciclón’s inception, as an important benchmark in the development of the brand’s flavor catalog — being the first energy drink to introduce a variety of flavors aimed at the “Latino-tropical” palate. Its catalog of 14 flavors and more than 20 presentations, in 10-ounces and 16-ounces, are available in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Bolivia, Panama and other countries.

Ciclón, which is a local brand, has positioned the island in the global nonalcoholic beverage industry, one of the fastest growing in the past eight years, with a compound growth of more than 16%, company officials said.

“Every day, we see the power of Ciclón on the street carrying the energy that keeps us pumped up and moves us to keep moving forward [in life],” said Javier Alicea, Ciclón International sales and market development manager.

“We chose La Placita [as the launching event site], firstly, in support of local businesspeople; also, for being very representative of our destination and a meeting place where fans and followers of CICLÓN energy, from Puerto Rico and all parts of the world, can come together to share their creativity and achievements inspired by the new #puedestodo [The Power of You] philosophy,” Alicea said.

The campaign will be featured on digital billboards, traditional media and social networks, as well as promotional efforts at points of sale, in addition to the celebration of Ciclón experiences that promote inspirational stories and the energy behind the brand.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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