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Claro Puerto Rico volunteers help out at Julia de Burgos women’s shelter

The employees painted, cleaned, gardened and more at the center.

In a display of “solidarity and commitment,” a group of volunteer Claro de Puerto Rico employees gathered to collaborate with the Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos (Julia de Burgos Protected House) shelter for survivors of domestic violence to improve the facility’s metropolitan area center.

This collaborative effort was part of the lead-up to the “Kilómetros de Cambio” event, a race scheduled for May 17, 18 and 19, aimed at raising funds to support local shelters that assist women who are victims of domestic violence, the telecommunications company said.

The Julia de Burgos Protected House, or Casa Julia, was the first shelter for women and children survivors of domestic violence in Puerto Rico, and is one of the shelters benefiting from this initiative.

On May 11, over 20 Claro volunteers took part in various improvement tasks at the shelter, including painting the dining room and administrative offices, cleaning the children’s patio area, pressure washing, gardening, installing solar lamps and organizing the food storage room.

“At Claro, we firmly believe in the power of the community and the importance of supporting those who need it most,” said Enrique Ortiz de Montellano, CEO of Claro de Puerto Rico.

“We’re committed to concrete actions that generate a positive impact on society, and collaborating with institutions like Casa Julia is a fundamental part of our social commitment. I thank our volunteer network team for contributing their time to offer a better quality of life to residents and their families,” Ortiz de Montellano added.

Casa Julia, which also provides counseling and support for survivors of domestic violence, has intensified its efforts by offering escape plans and creating safe spaces for women and children at risk. The collaboration with Claro volunteers has been “crucial, significantly improving the organization’s ability to deliver comprehensive services,” the entity noted.

“Partnerships like the one we’ve established with Claro are essential in combating domestic violence, an evil that affects all spheres of our society,” said Lenna Ramírez-Cintrón, executive director of Casa Julia.

“This collaboration not only improves our capabilities but also reinforces the message that eradicating this violence is a shared responsibility,” she remarked.

The “Kilómetros de Cambio” race, involving 28 runners in a relay format circumnavigating the island over three days, aims to engage the Puerto Rican community in awareness and action against domestic and gender violence.

Claro has invited the public to an event on May 17, at its Roosevelt Avenue headquarters, to welcome entertainer Alexandra Fuentes, who will be the first marathoner to pass the baton in the race.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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