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co.co.haus expands coworking spaces in Santurce

Looking to continue to be a center for connection, collaboration, inspiration, and creativity, the coworking space, co.co.haus, located in the heart of Santurce, inaugurated new working facilities.

It is now the official headquarters of co.co.haus that has new collaborative and creative workspaces located on the first floor of Cobian’s Plaza in Santurce.

With this new expansion, co.co.haus adds a total of 9,000 square feet with 18 private offices, for one person and teams of up to 12 people, shared space for 30 people, five phone booths, three conference rooms, photography studios, video and audio, bathrooms, showers, and rest areas.

“The coworking model is a very resilient one. The movement was born in 2005 but went viral in the recession of 2008. We saw this resilience after the hurricanes of 2017 when co.co.haus became a community center and a small oasis for local businesses to continue their operations,” said Mariangie Rosas, founder of co.co.haus, adding she is seeing the whole coworking environment develop in Puerto Rico.

“Now with the pandemic, and the new trends in remote work, we foresee that the coworking industry will continue to grow exponentially and we at co.co.haus are betting on it,” she said.

Several small and medium-sized companies, both local and international, have developed near co.co.haus, and members of the diaspora and foreigners have undertaken their projects embracing productivity from unique collective workspaces.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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