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Codetrotters Academy to train P.R.’s ‘hacker’ talent

From left: Michael McClure of Cometa Works, ad Sofía Stolberg and Juan Carlos Stolberg, co-founders of Piloto 151.

From left: Michael McClure of Cometa Works, ad Sofía Stolberg and Juan Carlos Stolberg, of Piloto 151.

By 2020 there will be 1 million more computing jobs in the United States than students graduating in those fields, the latest figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show.

Puerto Ricans qualified to take advantage of this demand stand to gain a lot, said Sofía Stolberg, founder of Piloto 151, Puerto Rico’s first co-working space for entrepreneurs and developers and the site location for Codetrotters Academy, the first “hacker” school in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.

The program boasts a full spectrum of courses for techies and non-techies alike, ranging from front-end and back-end programming to mobile development. The academy will allow high school students, professionals and all Puerto Ricans interested in acquiring the skills of the future, regardless of their socio-economic or technological backgrounds, to afford future job opportunities in the tech field, she said.

“We understand ‘hacker’ to mean tech-savvy and well-trained; someone with the necessary skills to access the jobs in highest demand. In that sense, Codetrotters Academy is both part of the tech community’s effort to take back the meaning of ‘hacker’ as well as the economic development solution our economy needs,” said Stolberg.

People with no technological background will be able to learn how to code in as little as 10 weeks and the academy will also teach specific programming languages in high demand such as Ruby, Rails and Elixir, among others. The “hacker” code school will also have courses in app development for iOS and Android, user interface and user experience classes and even courses for non-techies on how to manage technical teams efficiently.

Michael McClure, CEO of Cometa Works, a boutique San Juan headquartered software development company, who is also among the Codetrotters Academy founders, said, “Our goal is bold; bottom line, we want everyone in Puerto Rico with a desire to learn how to code, to get that opportunity.”

“Codetrotters Academy has some of the best programmers on the Island as professors and we are also bringing professors from outside of Puerto Rico to make that goal a reality,” he said.

Those interested in more information about Codetrotters Academy and its courses offering can visit: www.codetrotters.com or write to: [email protected].

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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