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Coliseo de Puerto Rico begins $450K ‘Choli Transformation’

The Puerto Rico Convention District Authority and ASM Global, the company that manages the Coliseo de Puerto Rico, announced the launch of a set of initiatives to transform the experience of those attending the events held in the venue, which include the redesign of interior spaces with new murals and signage, investment in new technology and the start of a new advertising campaign.

With an estimated investment of $450,000, the new transformation of the “Choliseo” — how the entertainment venue is known in honor of Puerto Rican entertainer José Miguel Agrelot, whose main character was “Don Cholito” — is comprehensive and will bring new concessions to offer more varied gastronomic options, a greater focus on creative cocktails, an innovative design and development of spaces for corporate events, among other attractions.

The project is being carried out in phases and the management for both Convention District Authority and ASM expect it to conclude by next year.

“Coliseo de Puerto Rico is our main entertainment center. It is a place that provokes positive emotions, joy and good experiences,” said Jorge Pérez, regional manager of ASM Global, which manages the coliseum. “This project seeks to bring the walls of the coliseum to life and elevate the experience of our audience and guests, beyond artistic presentations.”

The venue’s visual transformation entails new murals by renowned local artists. Management is working with respected curator Alexis Busquets, who leads the “Santurce es Ley” project.

The first mural, paying tribute to “Don Cholito,” will be created under the supervision of renowned Puerto Rican muralist Luis Alejandro Rodríguez. Known for his work both locally and internationally, Rodríguez’s art piece will be prominently displayed at the east entrance of the arena. The artist used an array of graphic elements and an amalgam of colors to represent “Don Cholito.”

Other emerging artists featured include muralist Ana María Ortíz, who’s work “Artista Pájaro” pays homage to Puerto Rico’s fauna, and saxophonist Paola Rivera, 22, who has participated in musical programs from Fundación Banco Popular and the Berklee School of Music.

The Puerto Rico Coliseum is one of the most successful arenas in the United States in terms of its profitability, and has received industry recognition globally, including the prestigious Pollstar and Billboard Magazine.  

The most recent report from Pollstar’s “Worldwide Top 100 Arenas” ranks the venue 11th in sales, with $12.3 million for the first quarter of 2023 and eighth in total ticket sales (183,685) for the same period. 

The venue and its large range of high-profile events are part of Puerto Rico’s tourism positioning and promotion strategy to support the island’s economic development.

“The new image with innovative designs and colors strengthens the leadership of Coliseo de Puerto Rico as a world-class entertainment center and elevates the sensory experience of our visitors to make it memorable and unique,” said Mariela Vallines, executive director of the Puerto Rico Convention District Authority. 

“We have integrated local talent in several initiatives, and we’re very satisfied with this project, which we know will contribute to promoting Puerto Rico as an entertainment destination of excellence,” she said.

The concept of “Choli Senses” will be implemented for each event held at the coliseum, with a specific color assigned to emphasize and highlight different services, events, and experiences. Green will represent corporate events, purple for pre-concert events, red for Smart Space Use and Alliance, gold for VIP Premium Experiences, orange for SunBar at El Choli, and multicolor for Choli Walls.

In addition, the culinary offerings for corporate events at the coliseum will be revamped. The return of Happy Hours at sunset in the plaza was also announced, now called “Choli SunBar.” Furthermore, the mixology options will be enhanced with special cocktails created for each event, inspired by the artist and the concept being presented.

“With the ‘Choli Transformation’ project, we begin a new era. Our goal is to activate the potential of each of the parts that make up the essence of the coliseum, with initiatives to transform public experiences into memorable moments, increasing event traffic and offering greater value to visitors and sponsors,” Pérez said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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