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Agile Strategy Lab visits P.R. to contribute to business ecosystem

For the first time, the Agile Strategy Lab initiative brings its methodology to organize ideas and create impact with Puerto Rico’s resources.

After Hurricane María there have been many organizations outside of Puerto Rico that have supported the island in different ways.

Agile Strategy Lab, an initiative powered by Purdue University, is on the island to provide strategies to facilitates how ideas can be organized on topics such as innovation, entrepreneurship, education and economic development; important pillars for the development of Puerto Rico.

The methodology consisted in two stages:

  • A closed group with experience in economic development, entrepreneurship, education and innovation, for three intensive days learned the theory behind this educative model.
  • An event open to the public was held last Monday, April 9, at Sacred Heart University to explain the methodology and develop specific ideas in teams in order to continue developing these initiatives.

“The Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust and Colmena66, one of our main programs, we are working together on developing a system of innovation and unifying opportunities in entrepreneurship and economic development on the island. This workshop is relevant and we will be on the continuity of what was proposed and what was learned by Agile Strategy Lab,” said Science Trust CEO Lucy Crespo.

This methodology was implemented before at the Innovation Center of the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, and this theory contributes to a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“This series of workshops will help us create strong links in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. We will have the opportunity to take action to create new narratives that will contribute a new future for Puerto Rico,” said Ubaldo Córdova, professor of the Innovation Program at the UPR-Mayagüez.

This event was a collaboration between E-Ship Network, Pathways to Innovation, Colmena66 and Neeuko, and was sponsored by the New Jersey Innovation Institute .

“Our Lab’s work with your universities over the past three years established the foundation for our work this week. Puerto Rico now has the largest group of professionals trained in this new discipline to accelerate collaboration,” said  Ed Morrison, one of the facilitators of the Agile Strategy Lab.

“With a new set of skills, communities can use their limited resources both more innovatively and more productively. Across the world, we will be facing increasing disruptions from climate change,” he said.

“Puerto Rico can position itself as a model of how communities can respond to these challenges with ingenuity and resilience. We are delighted to expand our partnership with the Science Trust,” Morrison said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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