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Crossco invests $200K to switch production to alcohol, hand sanitizer

Crossco, the flagship brand sold by Max Chemicals, has adjusted its production line to produce 70% alcohol and hand Sanitizer to help in the local fight against COVID-19, after investing $200,000 to retrofit its facilities in Río Piedras.

With a total of seven production lines and its 50 employees, Crossco made the necessary changes to start this production in addition to its traditional sealant, adhesive and acid products produced in Puerto Rico, company executives said.

The permitting process is now underway to begin producing hand sanitizer, a new item in the product portfolio that requires additional federal permits to be released to market, said Julio Pentón, general manager of Max Chemical.

“The Crossco brand of ceiling sealants has always been characterized by being a quality product and the production of alcohol 70% and hand sanitizer will be no different,” Pentón said.

“We’re experiencing difficult times, but there are also opportunities to reinvent ourselves. We decided to get down to work and the same hands that we cannot use to greet each other and show affection, we’re using to make high-demand products,” he said.

Max Chemical will work with the Salvation Army to distribute the products islandwide through the nonprofit’s 11 centers, he said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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