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Crowley inaugurates $15M LNG facility in Peñuelas

As it marks its 70th anniversary serving the Puerto Rico market, supply chain company Crowley inaugurated its $15 million state-of-the-art Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Loading Terminal in the southern town of Peñuelas.

The liquefied natural gas facility marks a major milestone and supports the island’s economy with full-service, sustainable energy solutions to industrial and commercial operators in Puerto Rico, Central America and the Caribbean, company and government officials said during the opening ceremony.

From Peñuelas, operators will load natural gas in its liquid form onto 10,000-gallon ISO containers for over-the-road transport to customer facilities throughout the island. The operation will create 50 direct jobs and more indirect jobs in related services.

Upon arrival at the customer’s site, the LNG will be re-gasified and used for power generation and energy consumption, officials said.

“We continue to expand our capacity and investment in Puerto Rico with the opening of this special facility, which enhances Crowley’s LNG capabilities across diverse industries,” said Crowley CEO Tom Crowley.

“Our LNG solutions allow industrial and commercial clients to plan, monitor and produce their own energy while protecting their business from potential threats such as power outages or natural disasters,” he said.

Over the course of several years, Crowley has fostered relationships with government and business leaders of Puerto Rico allowing it “to play a pivotal role in supplying cost-efficient, sustainable fuel sources to the island’s leading sectors,” according to a statement.

The facility will significantly grow Crowley’s service capabilities in Puerto Rico, delivering more than 94 million gallons of LNG annually.

When operating at full distribution capacity, it will help power an aggregate of 120MW in cleaner energy while helping to reduce carbon dioxide and sulfur emissions.

“Crowley’s new LNG Loading Terminal in Peñuelas will foster much needed new economic activity for municipalities in the island, and it will also position Puerto Rico’s industrial and commercial sector on a fast-track path toward economic growth by providing reliable and environmentally friendlier energy solutions,” Gov. Pedro Pierluisi said, who was on hand for the inaugural event, along with Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner in Washington D.C., Jenniffer González-Colon.

“The inauguration of Crowley’s new LNG Loading Terminal marks an important step toward the diversification of Puerto Rico’s energy industry, allowing us to maximize the use of alternative fuels like LNG to usher the island into a new era of cleaner energy,” she said.

“The investment in these state-of-the-art facilities will also afford Puerto Rico the opportunity to play a strategic role in LNG national security efforts while leveraging new LNG technologies and economic development opportunities,” González-Colón added.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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