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Deel adds features to back clients looking for int’l employees

Global human resources compliance and payment management solution firm Deel confirmed it has launched a new service model that will allow companies and human resource departments to upgrade using state-of-the-art technology via three platforms: Hofy, Deel Shield, and API.

As a result, Deel continues to expand its services platform “to help companies not only hire people anywhere in the world and manage their payments, but also to take care of employees and simplify day-to-day human resources management,” it stated.

“Deel’s mission is to give millions of people the opportunity to work for the world’s best companies, regardless of their location,” said Natalia Jiménez, regional manager for Spanish-speaking Latin America at Deel.

“Achieving this means simplifying all aspects of building a global team and removing any entrance barriers, from local contracts and quick background checks to sending teams and visa management, for example,” she said, adding “the entire range of products and solutions that HR departments need to ensure that their talent can work remotely can now be found on a single platform.

Through its partnership with virtual platform Hofy, Deel is introducing a new solution for companies to send remote employees work equipment in a few clicks.

“Managing the equipment process in-house often leads to poor employee experience, tax non-compliance and thousands of wasted hours for HR and IT teams. That’s where Deel comes in: its latest product, Equipment, reduces the process time to a few minutes,” the company explained.

For international hiring, the platform is adding its Deel Shield tool, which provides a secure level of freelancer fulfillment to enable client companies to start building an international team.  

Deel also provides clients its API, which now allows them to connect their company’s tools and createcustomized integrations to automate their talent operations. More integrations will be created soon, such as providing salary information for jobs in more than 150 countries, paying the entire team through Global Payrollwith a single click, in their local currency, and access to customized accounting.

Deel has also recently acquired Legalpad, to solve immigration problems that companies face when hiring global talent.

“The acquisition enables employers to connect with professionals located around the world through technology that streamlines the process of obtaining work visas, mainly in the United States, among other countries,” Deel executives said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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