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Demographic Registry expands online services for Puerto Rico residents

Puerto Rico residents will be able to request eight different types of services from the Demographic Registry’s website with the creation of a digital citizen profile, said Glorimar Ripoll-Balet, Executive Director of the government’s Puerto Rico Innovation and Technology Service (PRITS) office.

Puerto Rico residents may apply for a birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate and fetal death certificate, including applications made by veterans. Once the application is completed, the Demographic Registry will issue the certificates and mail them to the applicants.

Since its launch a week ago, the agency has already received 1,330 applications through the new website.

Furthermore, Ripoll-Balets said citizens will have access to the history of all requests for digital services. They will also be able to check the status of their application and receive updates of the procedure via email. There will be centralized access to their documents and certificates, if they are digitally issued certifications. The website also allows users to manage multiple profiles to facilitate online requests related to a family member.

Meanwhile, Demographic Registry Executive Director Wanda del C. Llovet-Díaz, said the new online tool will make it easier to send certifications within a set period of time compared to the previously established platform.

“The launch of the gobiernodigital.pr.gov website is an important achievement on the agenda that PRITS has drawn up to provide an integrated digital government and work is ongoing to continue the incorporation of digital services from other agencies in the short term. In addition, the concept of the citizen profile will continue to be developed,” Ripoll-Balet said.

This new service is added to other recent online advances, including the virtual driver’s license and digital driver’s license renewals through the Department of Transportation and Public Works’ CESCO Digital mobile app, the Transparent Ticket System, which allows digital ticketing and payment of traffic violations in real time, also through CESCO Digital.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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