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Dewey University opens new Graduate School of Nursing Research Center

Dewey University has inaugurated its Graduate School of Nursing Research Center in Hato Rey, marking the next step in the institution’s educational mission of “expansion and evolution.”

The development follows the January opening of the Dewey Nursing Hospital Student Support Center in Manatí, as part of its “commitment to training and developing high-quality health professionals.”

“At a time when the health sector in Puerto Rico faces unprecedented challenges, the Graduate School of Nursing Research Center emerges as a crucial response to the need for advancing knowledge and innovation in health care,” stated Carlos A. Quiñones-Alfonso, the university’s president.

“We’re committed not only to training competent professionals but also to driving research that can transform public health on our island and beyond,” he said.

The Research Center is an academic space dedicated to facilitating and promoting meaningful research among graduate-level students, faculty, and the general community. With an emphasis on supporting rigorous research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge in critical areas, the center aims to:

  • Support graduate students: Provide resources and guidance for high-quality research as part of academic programs.
  • Encourage research: Promote a research culture among faculty, the local community, and the public through workshops, lectures, and events.
  • Establish strategic collaborations to access grants and financial support.
  • Offer advanced technological resources: Equip researchers with cutting-edge tools and specialized databases.

The establishment of the research center addresses the urgent need for health field research while positioning the university at the forefront of health science education in Puerto Rico, remarked Quiñones-Alfonso.

“The inauguration of the Research Center in Hato Rey is a testament to our mission to inspire and empower a new generation of researchers and entrepreneurs,” Quiñones-Alfonso added. “With these initiatives, Dewey University continues forward with the vision to contribute significantly to the economic and social growth, not only of our community but also on a global level.”

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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