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Discover Puerto Rico forms partnerships to reach Puerto Rican diaspora

The Puerto Rican diaspora is a critical audience for Discover Puerto Rico, which continually reaches this segment of the community, keeping it informed about entry requirements and the latest health and safety guidelines. 

To achieve this, the island’s Destination Marketing Organization seeks creative ways to reach the diaspora and forging partnerships with key community organizations like the National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York and local variety box company, WEPA Box. 

Through a partnership with the 64th Annual National Puerto Rican Day Parade, Discover Puerto Rico joined the diaspora to celebrate Puerto Rican heritage and culture, while creating awareness of the arrival protocols and health and safety guidelines in place.

Due to restrictions still in place in New York, the annual gala took place virtually, including a discussion panel with the cast of “In the Heights,” and a cooking class with Puerto Rican celebrity chef, Ventura Vivoni.

In addition, Discover Puerto Rico has created a partnership with the Puerto Rican variety box, WEPA Box. Every month, subscribers receive a piece of Puerto Rico in their WEPA box, bringing them closer to the island through Puerto Rican favorites, including hand-made candy, hot sauces, coffee, and arts & crafts, among several other products.

And to continue informing diaspora about the health and safety guidelines while incentivizing travel to the island, June’s WEPA box featured an item from Discover Puerto Rico. A facemask with a beautiful tropical print and the Discover Puerto Rico logo, along with a postcard inviting diaspora to travel to the island and reconnect with their roots.

An attached postcard includes a QR code that links to the Travel Advisory on DiscoverPuertoRico.com for detailed information about health and safety guidelines.

Lastly, through the funds granted by the CARES Act, Discover Puerto Rico is reaching the Puerto Rican diaspora through targeted messaging. Media placements in Univision and Telemundo share information on the island’s arrival protocols and health and safety measures.

Through these efforts, Discover Puerto Rico is engaging with a predominantly Hispanic audience across the United States and inspiring them to travel to the island, it said. Public relations efforts are underway to secure coverage in Hispanic media outlets and compliment the paid media placements.

Discover Puerto Rico is targeting specific markets with a high number of diaspora residents, primarily focusing on New York, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Boston, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas, and Charlotte.

“We’re very enthusiastic about the efforts to engage with the diaspora. Their deep love for the island keeps the Puerto Rican culture alive on the mainland, sharing their passion to second and third-generation Puerto Ricans, inspiring pride, and connectivity to their roots. We’re eager to invite the diaspora to plan their trip to Puerto Rico to reconnect with their heritage or make new memories,” Chandler concluded.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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