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Discover Puerto Rico orients Loíza’s tourism operators on online trends

Discover Puerto Rico recently offered a workshop aimed at businesses the town of Loíza involved in the tourism sector, to maximize their online presence.

“We thank the Discover Puerto Rico staff for this project that will greatly help our businesses. Much of the tourism we receive is from abroad, and the best way we have to promote them is online,” Loíza Mayor Julia Nazario said.

“Naturally, at the local level the Facebook platform is the most popular, and widely used by netizens,” she said.

During the workshop, participants were presented with the IDEA project, an initiative that seeks to improve the quality and visibility of businesses and provide tools to increase their visibility, said Haydill Rivera, director of the IDEA project.

Participants were taught about the effective use of information, as well as photos and videos.

“In many cases, the first and only visual reference that tourists will have is what they find on digital platforms such as Google. Studies indicate that complete profiles on the internet have 2.7 more chances of being considered and 70% more chances of attracting more clients,” said Rivera.

One of the benefits of the workshop is that the participating businesses discovered several options and platforms where they can promote themselves at very low costs, or free.

“Since I became Mayor, one of the priorities has been to maximize Loíza’s tourism possibilities. The working relationship we have with both the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and Discover Puerto Rico is excellent, and these types of workshops are part of it,” said Nazario.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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