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Discover Puerto Rico reaches out to diaspora to #GoForPuertoRico

The Puerto Rican diaspora is key for the evolution of the tourism sector, which is one of the island’s fastest growing economic segments. The diaspora are front-line ambassadors and one of the biggest supporters of Puerto Rico.

With that in mind, Discover Puerto Rico has reached out to the diaspora in specific U.S. markets with large Puerto Rican communities, including New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Miami, Orlando and Dallas, it announced.

“In times like what Puerto Rico faced at the beginning of 2020, many members of the diaspora are searching for ways to help the island,” said Discover CEO Puerto Rico Brad Dean.

“This activation among diaspora markets encourages travel to the island and highlights how by visiting they are having a significant economic impact in Puerto Rico’s visitor economy,” he said.

To reach the diaspora, Discover Puerto Rico will embark on a media tour, visiting top-tier Hispanic media outlets. Also, roundtables are being held with groups, such as the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Puerto Rico Chambers of Commerce, the Diaspora for Puerto Rico, Center for Puerto Rican Studies, the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of commerce, the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture, and The Puerto Rican Agenda of Chicago, among others.

In addition to the #GoForPuertoRico campaign, Discover Puerto Rico will be launching a specific campaign with a direct call to action to the diaspora:

— “No matter how long you’ve been gone, your home is always Puerto Rico. Go for Family, Go for Friends #GoForPuertoRico;”

— “Reunite with the warmth, beauty and magic of Puerto Rico. Go for Memories. Go for Tradition #GoForPuertoRico.”

As part of this plan, Univisión Orlando has joined the efforts to make an immediate call to action to the diaspora. The station is filming a special show, about Puerto Rico, showcasing multiple municipalities and their attractions, together with well-known artists and spokespeople of the island, including Andy Montañez, Ednita Nazario, Miss Universe Puerto Rico, Madison Anderson, Kiara Liz Ortega, Silverio Pérez, and others.

In addition to the #GoForPuertoRico campaign, Discover Puerto Rico will be launching a specific campaign with a direct call to action to the diaspora:

This special show will air Mar. 14 in Orlando, Tampa, Washington D.C. and Boston. At the same time the “Despierta Orlando” show will air from different parts of the island, Mar. 3- 6, Dean said.

“We’re so excited to be home and to show our viewers the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. The production team will be visiting many special places across the island that will make you want to come and visit as soon as possible,” said Ángel Sepúlveda, News Director of Univisión Orlando.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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