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Discover Puerto Rico’s 1st AI-powered effort with CHIME engages travelers

As the CHIME launch partner, the island destination marketing organization’s first campaign garnered “success not previously seen in traditional display media,” Clicktripz stated.

Discover Puerto Rico recently became the launch partner with Clicktripz, developers of the CHIME technology, which is defined as a tool enabling destination marketing organizations to “speak in their own voice and in real time to their target audiences when and where they are searching for trip inspiration.”

As the CHIME launch partner, Discover Puerto Rico’s first campaign garnered “tremendous success not previously seen in traditional display media,” Clicktripz stated.

In the first three months, the model received, responded to, and logged more than 1,000 consumer queries through CHIME — which stands for Chat to Inspire Meaningful Engagement — providing insights into what’s top of mind for travelers considering Puerto Rico.

Moreover, the interactive nature of the media unit generated an engagement rate of 10% and drove more than 48,000 visits to Discover Puerto Rico’s website in the first 12 weeks alone.

“Due to hyper contextual targeting in the media placements, CHIME also drove the most efficient cost-per-acquisition of any travel endemic partner on R&R Partners media plan for the destination,” Clicktripz stated.

“We pride ourselves on testing first-to-market advertising solutions. As an agile destination marketing organization, we prioritize opportunities to elevate innovation in our marketing strategies and tactics. We’re very excited about the results Clicktripz has generated with their program,” said Karinna Sostre, web content manager for Discover Puerto Rico.

CHIME is unique in its ability to converse with users through display media and enables this capability by leveraging direct integrations with its network of travel publishers.

“This ensures that every interaction is not only brand safe and engaging but also highly relevant to the user’s interests and real-time search activities,” the company stated.

“CHIME Reach sets a new standard for how destination marketers interact with potential visitors while they actively research their options across hundreds of travel websites,” said Jamie Claudio, senior vice president of Marketing and Destination Strategy at Clicktripz. “CHIME is an indispensable tool for any destination looking to enhance its digital strategy in an era where cookie depreciation and demand for greater personalization are rapidly shifting the marketing landscape.” 

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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