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eBay reports a double-digit percentage growth in Puerto Rican sellers

Online marketplace platform eBay has reported a significant increase in Puerto Rican sellers by a double-digit percent. The products vary significantly, many of them were previously absent from the website before the pandemic.

The company did not reveal the exact growth figure, in numbers.

“2020 changed our entire way of living, consuming, and doing business, and the increase in sales for these Puerto Rican businesses is just a proof of it,” said Ilya Kretov, general manager for Global Emerging Markets at eBay. 

The analysis indicates that the three most prevalent categories in 2020 have remained the same, however, one has now ranked lower. The categories were as follows: auto and motor parts; men’s footwear; and plants and seeds. This third category has been reduced to a sixth place and replaced with basketball trading cards.

Among the new categories to reach the top 10 were: collectible game cards; and computer graphics cards.

“They have seen in eBay an effective way to expand their customer base by overcoming the challenges that pose the distance, regardless of product or category,” said Kretov.

Both local and international products were present in the top 10 categories, this could be due to the $150,000 invested for Puerto Rico’s micro, small and mid-sized businesses in the “Mi Negocio 24/7 en eBay” project established in June 2020.

This year, Mexico substituted China in the fourth place of countries where Puerto Ricans exported the most on eBay.com. The US mainland, the United Kingdom, and Canada remained in the top three spots.

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Author Details
Kiara S. Visbal is a 20-year-old student in her senior year at Sacred Heart University in Santurce. She is majoring in journalism and film and plans to expand her education by beginning a master’s in public relations and integrated communication. Writing is her number one passion, and she strongly believes that authentic media coverage is vital for the well-being of the public.

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