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eBay to offer up to 60% in discounts to Puerto Rican buyers during Black Friday

In the wake of a non-traditional Black Friday, eBay announced discounts of up to 60% on items in several categories that will benefit Puerto Rican buyers who choose to make their purchases online on the official opening day of the holiday sales season.

Discounts apply to high-demand, recognized brands items in different categories, including electronics, sportswear, watches, cameras, and others. Aiming at offering added value to buyers, eBay will also have free shipping on thousands of items in different categories as well, the e-commerce platform stated.

“Our platform has become very relevant for buyers in Puerto Rico these days, something we’ve seen based on the significant increase in visits and transactions,” said Juliana Camargo, Latin America marketing and inventory leader at eBay. “It is clear that the opportunity we offer Puerto Rican buyers to have contact with sellers from different countries has been a driving force behind this increase.”

“We strive to have an unmatched inventory of products that is pertinent and attractive to our Puerto Rican clientele, you can find an unmatched shopping destination on eBay this Black Friday and throughout the year,” she added.

eBay’s 2020 data records reflect that in addition to the United States, most of the transactions that Puerto Rican buyers make happen with businesses located in Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia and Israel.

Cell phones and smartphones are among the most demanded items, along with cell phone covers and pouches, laptops and netbooks, wristwatches, auto parts, tennis shoes and video game consoles.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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