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EcoEléctrica opens SERSKOLA education center

SERSKOLA uses a Montessori model of teaching to educate girls and boys.

SERSKOLA uses a Montessori model of teaching to educate girls and boys.

Natural gas-based energy company EcoEléctrica recently reaffirmed its commitment to the community by announcing the opening of an education center created under the vision and mission of SER de Puerto Rico-Ponce.

The new center, called SERSKOLA, will be located in Ponce. Its objective is to offer educational services and guarantee equal opportunity to children and their families in the southern and central regions of Puerto Rico.

EcoEléctrica has been a supporter of SER de Puerto Rico since 2011, with more than $80,000 in donations aimed at sponsoring their many initiatives as well as the new teaching program.

“EcoEléctrica and SER share a genuine commitment to the community, especially populations in need. The opening of this new teaching center is a result of this commitment, as it affords people with disabilities and their families in the community equal opportunity at livelihood, education, work, and entertainment,” said Yamaris Alancastro-Miranda, corporate social responsibility manager at EcoEléctrica, during the inaugural event.

SERSKOLA opens its doors with the most advanced service technologies: a multisensory lab, an area dedicated to sensory integration, neurological stimulation with virtual simulation equipment; all levels of robotic technology and advanced rehabilitation equipment. The school uses a Montessori model of teaching to educate girls and boys between 3 and 9 years of age. Plans include extending the elementary school model through sixth grade.

The alliance with SER de Puerto Rico is one of many initiatives that make up EcoEléctrica’s community agenda.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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