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Empresas Massó unveils $30K modular classroom

Puerto Rican company 2Go Storage, a division of Empresas Massó, unveiled its modular classroom concept in San Lorenzo, which use customized containers for modular construction.

Each customized, fully equipped unit can cost about $30,000, said Gildo Massó-Ortiz, responsible for the 2Go Storage project. He said the cost is about 15% lower than existing alternatives.

The modular structure used measures 8 feet by 20 feet, but is expandable and can be linked with other containers laterally or on top of each other. It features security doors and windows and is presented as a resilient alternative to natural disasters such as earthquakes.

“We took it upon ourselves to study the guides for space suggested per student, and we created what we believe is the optimal space for a typical classroom. This room has sound and thermal insulation, LED lighting, ultra efficient air conditioners, windows with integrated storm shutters, and high ceilings,” said Massó.

In addition, it provides easier access since it is at floor level and does not require the use of ramps or access stairs, he said.

“It’s an example of the functional spaces we create using our modular concept. We can install in a matter of hours a classroom for 24 students with all the comforts and completions of a modern classroom,” said Massó-Ortiz, noting that in that case, the configuration measures 24 feet by 20 feet.

The company has already installed structures of different sizes and up to two levels in various parts of the island such as offices, pharmacies, a medical office, and a press office, among others.

All the details are manufactured and assembled in 2Go Storage’s facilities in San Lorenzo, so the on-site installation requires the leveling of supports, anchors and placing the modules with a company-owned crane.

“We offer the complete solution, from design, assembly and installation; we don’t outsource,” Massó-Ortiz said.

He also added that the modular system that 2Go Storage is developing is used in all parts of the world and predominantly in Europe and Asia. It is the same modular system that was recently used in Wuhan, China for the construction in only days of hospitals to treat the Coronavirus epidemic.

“It’s time for us to look at new techniques and modular solutions to face problems and emergencies,” Massó-Ortiz said.

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Author Details
This story was written by our staff based on a press release.

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